The company name Filia comes from the Latin word for daughter. The company founder chose this name as a dedication to her mother, who has taught her everything she knows about the art of making and the jewellery industry.

“Jewellery has always been an important part of my life. Even as a baby I used to play with the 22ct handmade bracelet that my mother still wears today. We were raised around the beautiful pieces that she made and even at such a young age, we all had an appreciation for the wonderful things that she created. It’s fair to say that my love of jewellery is in the blood. I have gone from playing in the workshop as a child to being taught into adulthood by my mother and her workshop manager. I have been blessed by a wonderful introduction into the jewellery industry by growing up with, and being taught by, the family business.

I have taken the concept of tailor made jewellery specifically for an individual into today’s retail climate by offering this unique experience to an online audience. I try to keep my designs sleek and modern with a keen appreciation for graceful lines and space. Each design has been named after an inspirational woman in my life who has empowered me and encouraged me to achieve my goals.

My aim is to give customers a product that is unique and bespoke to them. Whether it’s a treat bought simply for the individual, or if it’s a gift for someone else, there is nothing more special than having something custom made by hand. The love, work, sweat (and sometimes tears) that goes into each piece gives it a quality that no machine can match.”