Special Editions

At Filia, our aim is to create a beautiful piece of jewellery specifically for each individual customer. Whether the piece is a gift for a loved one or simply a treat for yourself, Filia Bespoke Jewellery enables you to create an individual piece, tailored to your requirements.

Simply choose a design that you like and you will have complete control over the finished look. Depending on whether you want Silver, Vermeil, Yellow or Red Gold, we will hand forge your piece so that it’s perfect for you. Being able to select the size and material means that you will have a piece that fits you and your budget perfectly. As every single piece is handmade, there will be very slight differences and no two will ever be identical, ensuring that your item is completely unique.

Because of the nature of our service, you could also alter a design if you wish. For example, if you wanted a bangle to be lighter or heavier in weight, we can adapt the design to your requirements. We also offer the option to add diamonds, precious stones or pearls to a design, giving you even more freedom and power to have exactly what you want.

Customer satisfaction is key and we believe that your involvement with the design of each piece will ensure that you will have a beautiful item of jewellery that brings you joy and suits you perfectly.